Android App Development

Android Application Benefits for Companies

Today, attracting customers via the Internet is relevant. In some cases, the presence of the company website is enough. But if the task is to make 100% coverage of the potential audience, then there can not do without a mobile application.

The audience of users of mobile devices on the Android OS is estimated at billions of users. It’s a sin to refuse such a tasty morsel.

Have time to be among the first to gain a competitive advantage!

What tasks does the Android application solve?

The range of tasks that a mobile application can solve is huge – it can be an application for ordering a pizza online or a clothing store, choosing a rental car linked to a geo location or a dating application, some kind of game, etc.

The cost of Android apps development

The development cost of mobile application depends on the following factors:

  • Number of screens;
  • User Controls;
  • Device type (smartphone, tablet, or both);
  • Screen Orientation Modes;
  • Security;
  • Supported OS versions;
  • Number of supported languages ​;
  • Ways to promote the application;
Development of the inexpensive Android applications

The cost of writting the statement of work is $ 150. The development cost of the app starts from $ 1200.

How long does it take to develope an application?

The target date for the development depend on many factors and are voiced after reading the statement of work.

Roughly estimate the time using the data listed below:

  • Free cost estimate (takes about 2 days);
  • Study of the challenge, the market and competition (about 5 days);
  • Writing the statement of work depending on the complexity of the application (10-15 days);
  • Design development (from 5 to 15 days);
  • Programming takes from 20 days to 4 months;
  • Testing and monitoring of the application takes 5-10 days;
  • Publish the finished application in the Play Market;

The period of writting the statement of work is 10-15 days. The minimum period for the creation of a fully functioning application – from 1 month.

Android App Development

What are the advantages of ordering an application in the studio?

It is not a secret to anyone that to order for freelancing can cost less, however, when concluding an agreement with our companies, you get a lot of advantages:

  • personal project manager will provide you with feedback at all stages of your project;
  • creative designers will create great looks and great UI elements;
  • professional programmers ensure the code is clean;
  • application support is possible on a subscriber basis by the same specialists that it developed;

In brief, this is all that we wanted to tell about the stages of development an Android application, the timing and cost of development.

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Any questions? Contact us in a convenient way and we will discuss all the nuances of your future project.

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