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Website development in Los Angeles


Our web studio offers a relevant service – website development in Los Angeles. In a short time we will provide you with a quality result. We are responsible for the image of your company on the Internet. With the help of advertising, which we create, you will get many customers.

Our Services

If you want to make a website for your company in Los Angeles, tell us your goal, the target audience, the sections and the image of the site as a whole.

We will create a unique project for you.

We can design:

  • Landing Page. This is a simple page performing a single function of advertising the product. Here are placed its main pros.
  • Business card. This type of site usually consists of 3-5 sections. We will place information about your company, and your specialists. We will show a history and a lot of interesting things about your work.
  • Corporate website. A complex website that contains everything you need for your potential customers and business partners. Stylish elegant pages will emphasize your unique image and acquire a good reputation.
  • Catalog. This is a focused, simple website where we can list all your products and services, their prices and a feedback form where customers can submit their contacts or get in touch with your specialists.
  • Online Store. The main characteristic is that customers can purchase directly on the site. If you are serious about starting a trade in Los Angeles, the Marketplace is the best option.
  • Portal. Any user can act on this kind of site. We will make it possible to sign up, post feedback, communicate, and so on. You can post news or info-articles here.

We will realize any unconventional idea. We also make online calculators, windows for correspondence with your specialists, games and applications.

Procedure for creating an online store in LA

Website development and maintenance in Los Angeles is done in several stages:

  • Projecting. Our qualified specialists draw the layout of the site and its sections. It is sent to you. You either approve or specify what we should change, such as color, structure, appearance, etc.
  • Linking pages and functional development. Next, we apply the drawn layout. We link pages, make scripts for buttons, create various widgets and auxiliary tools that should be figuring on the site.
  • Checking. We obviously must check the serviceability of the site, adaptability of the composition, the speed of page loading and other technical parameters.
  • Uploading content to a resource. We can do this ourselves or hire qualified professionals for you.
  • Project release. We place the site on hosting, help you choose the rate and domain zone depending on the region of promotion.

Our web studio has all the resources to create a unique website according to your taste and preference. We work on a turnkey basis. We will make technical requirements together with you, then we will comply with it. Never break deadlines.

Still have questions for website development in Los Angeles? Enter your contacts in the feedback form, and we will call you.

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