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Website development in Miami


Website development in Miami at the best cost. Our website development studio runs in Miami. We make multi-functional and trendy resources turnkey, we help with optimization and promotion, conclude the contract for the further maintenance and updating of the resource. You can easily offer your extraordinary ideas to us, we will realize them.

Developing an e-store in Miami: this is how we work

  • We analyze your competitors and the industry as a whole. Our work is based on the target audience, the goals of the site and its objectives. It will be easier for us to find this out if you fill out a short questionnaire.
  • We make technical specifications together with the customer. We clearly state all the details of the order in it. It contains all the necessary information about your site. It can be adjusted at any time by contacting us.
  • We make a graphic layout. In order to offer you some interesting options, we can make several layouts. That is, how the site will look like in general. After that, you either approve it or change any parameters.
  • Coding. After your final decision, we start putting the layout together, linking pages and prescribing all functions. At this stage, the site is completely ready for placement.
  • Next, we install a CMS. This is not necessary. Not all sorts of sites need it. However, if you have a significant portal, you may require this system. CMS will make it possible to easily update content and images, add new articles and pages.
  • Placing the site on the server and configuring the hosting. We will choose hosting depending on your region and preferred rate.
  • Testing. Before the final release, we test the adaptive properties of the resource, its speed, data storage reliability, and its ability to interact with other services.
  • And finally, we fill your website with content. And if you wish, we will find a SEO specialist for you.

How long will it take

You say your technical specifications, we discuss them together, and then we tell you the exact term of our work. The more complex the task, the longer the process will go for a quality result. But on average, the development takes from 1 week to 2-3 months.

Our services

Our web studio makes all kinds of websites from landing pages to interesting mobile applications.

We also

  • Promote the site and attract an audience. We will help you set up contextual advertising, order articles on other resources and bring your site to the TOP of search engines.
  • Accompany your website and serve you on a contractual basis. We will update your resource, carry out technical work, add new sections and fix the shortcomings that arise during the work.

All services are provided comprehensively, turnkey. If you decide to order the development of a website from our company in Miami, then we will take on this responsibility. You will only need to fill out the brief and approve the project.

If you want to know exactly how much the whole order will cost and how long the whole process will take, leave your contacts in the feedback form, we will call you within 30 minutes.

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