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Development of online stores


The development of online stores today is a fairly demanded service.

It is quite difficult to find decent performers who can not only meet your requirements. The priority, of course, is those who, if necessary, will do much more! For example, they easily scale your store, add new functionality if such a task arises.

Launching your own online store is a great opportunity to get a business that is not tied to offline.

The possibilities for growing your business are virtually unlimited! Including the geography of sales.

Creation of online stores in USA & Canada

Creation of an online store is the main activity of our company. We help entrepreneurs to achieve excellent results in the field of online sales.

Among our strengths:

  • we study the trading niche;
  • we offer trendy solutions;
  • the cost of the project is always adequate;
  • optimal implementation options;
  • loyal conditions for support and further development.

Development of online stores – cost

Prices for creating an online store in our company start at $1299 for a site based on a template solution. This is ideal for clients with a limited budget.

Do you need a unique design and specific functionality? In this case, the starting price starts from $1999.

More accurate prices for different options of online storefronts are presented in our Price.

Online store development time

The time spent on web development depends on many factors. On average, it takes 25-30 working days to develop an online store using a template solution.

To create a store with a unique design and functionality, it takes 40 working days or more.

Local SEO promotion of an online store

In addition to such services as the development of online stores, we also provide services for local seo promotion of online stores. We can announce the exact cost of services after studying the trading niche and your competitors. Our approximate prices for web development can be found in the relevant Price section.

Online store support

You can also use our online store support service. This will allow you to focus on solving business problems, and we will take care of all the technical issues, filling the assortment, etc.

Contact us in a way convenient for you and we are sure that we will be able to interest you in our offer!

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Розділ FAQ
Відповіді на запитання, що часто ставляться

How much does it cost to create an online store?

The cost of work depends on the complexity of the functionality, scope of work and design.

Approximate prices for various options are presented below:

  • development on a template solution – from $1999;
  • development of a unique online store – from $2499;

Online store development time

Each online store has only one thing in common – it must be profitable. Otherwise, such projects can be both similar and differ in almost everything.

We describe the most common options:

  • typical appearance, like many competitors – from 25 days;
  • unique appearance – from 40 days;
  • typical appearance, but non-standard functionality – from 60 days;
  • the appearance is unique, the functionality is unique – from 90 days.

What platform is the store on?

When developing online stores, we use CMS OpenCart and WordPress.

The choice of a specific platform depends on the individuality of the order.

What is the guarantee for the created online store?

Within 3 months, the client has the right to count on the free elimination of the bugs found, which were actually admitted by our employees and were not identified during the delivery of the finished project.

Free support is canceled if third parties interfered with the working code by the site owner!

Is there an online store support service?

Yes, there is such a service.

You can order site support on a subscription basis.

The range of services for each project is discussed individually.

Support costs start at $250/month.

The quality of work is always at the highest level.
Optimal price/quality ratio.
Website maintenance by outsourcing.
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