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Website support


Support for websites and online stores – work to support the client’s website, which is carried out on outsourcing and does not distract the customer’s employees for this activity.

Site support can be conditionally divided into three areas:

  • content support;
  • technical support;
  • marketing support.

Content support includes working with site content, filling online stores with goods, creating and placing graphic elements, and more.

Technical support ensures the smooth operation of the website, diagnosis of viruses and their removal, backup settings and other work related to the operation of the site and hosting.

Marketing support includes A/B testing, email marketing templates and other online marketing related services.

In any case, regardless of the type of support and the size of your site, feel free to contact us! It doesn’t matter how big your business is – we can handle your website!

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Розділ FAQ
Відповіді на запитання, що часто ставляться

What is the price of site support?

Website support costs start from $250/month.

What is the minimum site maintenance period?

The minimum term for concluding a contract for the maintenance of the site is 3 months.

How to deal with a specific issue?

If this task is included in the paid tariff, then the client can write to support@optima-design.pro for client site support and receive a response to his request within a working day.

If the task that the client needs to solve is not included in his paid tariff, then the work will be considered as a site refinement and will be paid separately.

Are there discounts for site support?

The discount depends on the paid period.

The following discount system applies:

  • when paying for 3 months – 5%;
  • when paying for 6 months – 10%;
  • when paying for 12 months – 15%.
The quality of work is always at the highest level.
Optimal price/quality ratio.
Website maintenance by outsourcing.
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