House Well

location customerRussia
deadline30 days
About the Project
Some information about the implementation of this project.

On the recommendation, a customer from Moscow contacted us. He needed a local promotion of the site in the Moscow region.

At the time of the request, the client already had a website, but it was made a long time ago and therefore is morally and functionally outdated.

It was decided to make a new site, because there was no old sense and it would have been more expensive to redo it than to develop a website from scratch.

When developing the site, the main competitors for the main customer service, namely cleaning of wells, were studied.

From implemented:

  • new modern website;
  • internal linking;
  • more than 70% of new content and fixes of the existing one;
  • work with Yandex.Organization;
  • turbo pages for Yandex;
  • acquisition of external links.

For several months, the site has taken a confident position in Moscow and the region in the TOP of the Yandex search engine for the main key queries related to the customer’s activities.

The site is under support. Both parties are satisfied with the cooperation.

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