location customerRussia
deadline45 days
About the Project
Some information about the implementation of this project.

The order was not executed directly, but through an intermediary. A very voluminous technical task was provided for the implementation of an online catalog (store).

Considering the specifics of selling dietary supplements in the Russian Federation, a lot of the functionality should be developed from scratch.

Cooperation on this project gave rise to the creation of online stores and catalogs for a number of dietary supplements manufacturers from St. Petersburg.

Considering the large technical task, the work on the project took a lot of time. Some moments, despite a clear technical task, arose during development.

Interesting about the project:

  • different prices depending on the buyer’s group;
  • unique registrations for the buyer and the dealer;
  • system of prices / points for the product.

The Internet catalog turned out to be quite interesting and unusual from the point of view of the acquired experience.

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