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About the Project
Some information about the implementation of this project.

Website development for the Ukrainian manufacturer of PVC windows and doors – ViknaNovi company.

We were approached by LivePage to create a website according to their terms of reference with an emphasis on search engine optimization.

The project turned out to be quite difficult, from the point of completeness of the implementation of the TOR of the agency LivePage.

Upon the delivery of the finished project, everyone was satisfied with the result, which pleases both us and the client!

Создание вебсайта
Создание вебсайта
Создание вебсайта - разработка калькулятора
Создание вебсайта - главная страница
Создание вебсайта - главная страница
Создание вебсайта - экран главной страницы

In the course of work, many non-standard functions were implemented, including for the site of VіknaNovі dealers.

From non-standard solutions:

  • creating a calculator for calculating windows, depending on the size;
  • completion of the personal account of the company’s dealers;
  • setting tracking goals for almost all events on the site.

As a result, the customer was very pleased with the site and from time to time we cooperate to further expand the functionality, mainly for their B2B business model.

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