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Advantages and disadvantages of CMS WordPress


CMS WordPress site Management System is a popular platform that is suitable for working with various resources on the World Wide Web. Many webmasters and administrators who daily perform activities with content are already used to working with it, but beginners still wonder why experts so often recommend creating a site on WordPress, even if there are alternatives? Certainly, if a new specialist does not yet have experience and constant practice in web development, he has nothing to compare it with. But there are things he will understand intuitively. So, CMS WordPress provides each user with a number of functional benefits that are worthy of being mentioned.

Why WordPress?

Any entrepreneur whose company has a web resource sets clear goals, the achievement of which will lead to profits in the long term. It is quite common: in order to get a site on the first positions in search results, it is necessary to carry out a lot of different manipulations. This is why an effective management system is probably the best tool for achieving this goal. Accordingly, qualified webmasters reasonably note the following advantages of the WordPress platform:

  1. Fast work. On WordPress site is designed and released in 5-10 minutes. It is not necessary to have a technical education and special skills, as many important operations are carried out in semi-automatic mode, which greatly simplifies the life of beginners. Of course, the user must clearly understand what the resource is made for, but this aspect is more related to the text content of the site, rather than with its functioning.
  2. Comprehensible interface. This advantage fully characterizes the process of user interaction with the WordPress platform. Indeed, the system of navigation and posting on the site is arranged in such a way that the administrator works by the instructions. In other words, by clicking on a particular block, the user clearly understands what he will get in a second. Accordingly, it is possible to make decisions intuitively, which means that, the CMS performs its main function entirely, based only on the basic principles of working with content.
  3. Affordability. There is no need to pay to work with CMS WordPress. It allows users to develop the site with minimal cost. It’s no surprise that such an opportunity attracts many users, because everyone wants to get the maximum profit at a distance. If company executives want to create a serious project and not just a blog, they will have to spend money, but in the future, it is more likely to pay off. In addition, to maintain the functionality and usefulness of the resource, there is no need to hire a full staff: designers, programmers and content managers.
  4. Compliance with modern SEO requirements. Qualified specialists, responsible for the text content of the site, have a good opinion of WordPress, because this system gives the possibility to work effectively with search queries, which contributes to the rapid promotion of the site. Various tools for content optimization followed by key phrase insertion are exactly the resource that should work perfectly.

All of these advantages automatically make WordPress one of the most accessible platforms for designing websites. Hundreds of professionals choose this site management system to get rid of possible useless worries.

However, in spite of all the functional advantages, sometimes WordPress is criticized, which is also understandable.

Are there any disadvantages?

WordPress platform has long been well established, but that does not mean that it has no disadvantages. If this toolkit is used constantly, it is possible to replace some of them that cannot be avoided. For example:

  1. High demand for resources. If an ordinary site is created, this problem is unlikely to be noticeable, but when you install many add-ons (plugins) responsiveness of the system may suffer. Therefore, the average user who goes to the site by clicking on one of the results of the search query, will be faced with slow loading speeds of Internet pages. This will badly affect the customer experience of the content.
  2. Imperfect security system. This disadvantage is inextricably linked with open source. Thus, enterprising scammers have more opportunities to find vulnerabilities. However, the WordPress development team is very successful in combating viruses and other malicious programs, trying to improve the current system of protection.

In general, almost all the disadvantages of WordPress overlap with the advantages, which already says a lot. For example, hackers often try to hack websites just because they are popular. This means that the creators of the resources can rely on further promotion of a website, and this is the most important thing.

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