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Promotion for new customers from Illinois
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Local SEO promotion


Local SEO (local SEO) is a business promotion with a regional link, that is, a promotion that is directly related to the user’s geolocation. For example, city, district, street, etc.

Promotion in the Google search engine allows you to provide an influx of targeted customers who are directly interested in your services or products.

Your business can be found by the necessary requests on maps, with reference to the user, that is, if you are engaged, for example, in tire fitting in Chicago, it makes no sense for the user to look at similar services in Miami or New York.

Search engines will return a result that will be tied to the geolocation of the device from which the request was received. And accordingly, they will show the nearest companies that provide services according to the request received.

Advantages of local seo

Main advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • quick results compared to other ways to attract customers;
  • target audience that is looking for a product or service in your region.

Where to order SEO?

If you are looking for decent and responsible performers who will help your website to get potential customers from your region, then we will be happy to help with this!

To order local seo, contact us in a convenient way for you through the Contacts page or using our online chat.

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Section FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the cost of promotion?

We start from $900.

What makes up the cost?

The promotion price depends on the region and other important details, such as:

  • kind of activity;
  • presence of the company’s office offline;
  • site type.

What are the guarantees for a successful result?

The best guarantee is our experience in this area. There are many satisfied customers with whom we cooperate on an ongoing basis.

But do not forget that search engines are constantly evolving, including changing the algorithms of their work. Therefore, only Google owners can give a 100% guarantee.

When will the results be visible?

As a rule, the results in the form of an influx of targeted visitors are visible within 2-3 months after the start of work.

Are there discounts?

The amount of the discount is discussed on an individual basis and depends on the paid period.

The longer our work is paid for, the more tangible the savings will be.

The quality of work is always at the highest level.
Optimal price/quality ratio.
Outsourcing website maintenance.
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