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A common situation is that there is an already working website or an online store, but any functionality was not provided in advance, for example, unloading the assortment on the sites of trade aggregators or a calculator for online calculation of the cost of services.

In this case, the client can contact us and receive a commercial offer to improve the site in accordance with his needs.

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The service to expand the functionality of the existing website / store can be used by both our customers and clients whose projects are running on CMS WordPress and OpenCart.

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We can expand the functionality on any of the projects created by our specialists.

We also make improvements on CMS WordPress and OpenCart.

We hardly work with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and try not to mess with the Journal for OpenCart theme.

The price is made up of the time required for a specific implementation.

The greater the amount of work, the more expensive the cost.

If there are blanks in the form of plugins / modules, then the cost will be correspondingly less.

It all depends on the complexity of the required revision.

The exact terms are specified in the Agreement (for large volumes of work) or announced immediately after clarifying the necessary details.

Online store owners most often order the following:

  • synchronization with CRM;
  • uploading product feeds to marketplaces, Facebook, etc .;
  • setting up automatic loading of goods from suppliers;
  • parser of goods / prices and much more.

Site owners usually order:

  • online calculators;
  • tracking events.

In any case, we are ready to implement a lot of what the customer needs.

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