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The PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology was announced by Google in 2015. It has yet to gain widespread adoption, as most market players are only starting to explore its new possibilities. However, large corporations, including Twitter, Aliexpress, Starbucks, and others, are already using PWA ...
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Google Shopping is an international platform. Its essence is that Google search results show several offers or feeds (not just one) from different online stores, when a user enters a request. It provides a broader collection of services or products for potential customers, and the search is more ...
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NFT: definition, features of use People who want to understand what NFT is need to understand that it is a non-fungible token. It is a unit of account, with the use of which a digital impression is created, which is necessary for the formation of any unique item in the future. We can talk about ...
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Local SEO is a relatively new method of promotion, which is still under development. The essence of the technique: obtaining regional customers located in close proximity to you. What is local SEO Local SEO is a promotion method based on geolocation, yours and the buyer. Based on the location of ...
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In the modern world, freelancing occupies a significant niche, covering various fields of activity, including web development. Many qualified specialists deliberately choose to forego unnecessary constraints, preferring unique freelancer stock exchanges where they can advertise their services and ...
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In the modern world, practically every business is subject to high competition. That is why many aspiring entrepreneurs try to advertise their products or services on the Internet using all available methods. One such method is creating a store on Opencart, where you can place a full range of ...
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