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Quiz in Internet Marketing


Quizzes are an effective marketing tool used by large corporations. With the help of short surveys, you can identify the needs of the target audience, warm up interest in the final product.

What is Quiz

Quiz – these are tests, polls, all kinds of puzzles and other types of entertainment content. Despite the initially “frivolous” purpose, quizzes have shown their effectiveness in promoting goods and services. They captivate the user, increase the average time on the site, natively advertise the product and increase consumer loyalty.

Quiz marketing solves the following tasks:

  • increases the average view time, which has a good effect on SEO indicators;
  • identifies the needs and pains of the target audience, conducts simple segmentation;
  • talks about goods and services in a playful way;
  • increases customer loyalty and engagement;
  • gradually leads the visitor to the target action – purchase, consultation, subscription.

When used properly, Quiz can be a source of low-cost leads.

Types of polls

There are several types of quiz elements.


  • Polls. They are divided into entertaining and useful. Entertaining ones dilute the formal atmosphere and help maintain contact with the consumer. Useful ones identify the main pains of consumers and help in further segmenting the target audience.
  • Tests. They can also be entertaining or educational. An educational test in a native form tells about a product or service, gradually leading the buyer to possible benefits.
  • Quiz. Compiled in the form of a time test. They stir up the interest of the buyer to participate and receive an interesting prize: a discount, a bonus, an additional product as a gift. This increases the loyalty of the target audience, becomes an incentive to leave their contacts.

When compiling a quiz, you need to answer the questions: what is this element for? Who will participate? What is the purpose of the survey? Then it will not be difficult to decide on the type of quiz.

Where are Quiz used?

Native Quiz integration is appropriate on almost any page. Most often they are used on entertainment sites and in blocks.

However, such elements are relevant in:

  • Landings. A good example is all kinds of websites with diets. First, they identify the basic needs of the consumer, offer to indicate favorite and least favorite foods, the main reasons that interfere with weight loss, and then lead to a beneficial action.
  • Internet shops. A short survey will help expand the assortment, identify the preferred smartphone model, and understand what exactly the consumer wants from the product.
  • Newsletters. Quizzes increase conversion and motivate not to send the letter to Spam.
  • Social networks. All kinds of polls, tests and “mind” games increase activity in communities, bringing them into recommendations.

Correctly used Quiz will always be interesting. The main thing is that it should not be intrusive or non-thematic.

Rules for compiling surveys

There are several rules of quiz marketing that you should follow when compiling a survey.


  1. Bright and interesting title. It can be on the verge of clickbait, but without busting.
  2. Simple questions that do not require encyclopedic knowledge.
  3. Recommendation or bonus at the end.
  4. A small number of questions – no more than 7-10.
  5. The presence of photos, videos, GIF images.

Quiz marketing increases consumer engagement, shows the real opinion of the target audience and stimulates useful action in a playful way.

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